Have you made your 2017 Health & Wellness Action Plan?

We can help you welcome in 2017 with a wellness action plan to help you maintain vibrant health. You may want to focus on restoring health with scientifically proven strategies or you may prefer to proactively work towards preventing disease before it starts.

We offer a range of health assessments and health screening clinics which are a useful tool for early detection of potential health problems.

General Health Check-Up
Your individually tailored health screening will assist you in developing your wellness action plan. A general health check-up will include a risk assessment and screening for a number of potential problems from cardiovascular health to type 2 diabetes. Family history is an important consideration.

Dementia Risk Assessment
Our Senior Nurse, Kathleen Chapman’s favourite way to keep her brain and body working together in harmony is to Salsa Dance! If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one you can make an appointment for a Dementia risk assessment.

Bone mineral density (BMD)
We can help check for early signs of osteoporosis and include bone mineral density testing as a focus in your 2017 wellness action plan this year.

Bowel Cancer Screening
As Hippocrates stated “all disease begins in the gut”. In addition to a health-promoting diet, regular screening can drastically reduce the impact of bowel cancer by picking up the disease in the early stages. Stomach and other bowel problems can also be observed by undergoing endoscopy/colonoscopy screening. Your doctor can advise you on how often you may want to participate in screening depending on your life circumstance and family history.

Breast Health
Mammograms are recommended every 2 years if you have no family history of breast cancer.

Cervical Screening  
From May 2017, the current pap smear test will be replaced with a more accurate Cervical Screening test. As part of your wellness action plan, book an appointment with any of our female GP’s.  Women who have been vaccinated against HPV still need cervical screening as the HPV vaccine does not protect against all types of HPV that cause cervical cancer. Women of any age who have symptoms such as unusual bleeding, discharge or pain should call and make an appointment with their GP.

Sexual Health
We offer a complete a comprehensive screening for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Groups at higher risk of STIs including people under 25 and those who have had a recent partner change.

Skin Cancer Checks
We are fortunate to live in such a wonderful climate on the Northern Beaches.  There are potential downsides of course so we recommend having a skin doctor check your skin on an annual basis as part of your personal action plan. Our specialist skin doctor can assist you to identify what is normal and what is not. We particularly recommend having a discussion about any new or changing areas.

We would be delighted in helping you develop your unique 2017 wellness action plan. Let’s get started!